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supplies the Shanghai area medical service service information, the prorate healthy medical consultation and the medicine data. many old people already did not even listen to me to say assorted... have had to gesticulate (luckily this were in passing my specialty >_<) original adolphus ly usually I all are this shout? No wonder the singing voice more and more misses... suddenly starts a strange thought old person medicine faculty test time should add tests an item "the glottis" only then to stipulate must surpass how many decibel ability... US University of Pittsburgh recently in the American old person medicine academic humidistat society year to year at the congress to publish their memoir. The researcher carried on to 492 adults 9 years research. The research demonstrated that, in this 9 years, walks the speed commotion quick person to have 27% to die, walks in the middle of the speed slow person, then has 77% death. Walks speed quick definition... we to discover, although is the low income old person , if appraises high to the self- health, then its old age happy feeling is also high," happy Tianan life, contented ". On the contrary, wealthy old person .. Therefore, should strengthen the gerontology the research, specially to old person's common disease and the frequently-occurring disease research, and improves senior citizen's medical care measure, enhancesthe preventing and controlling...

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