Diebold talks up China ATM sales 03./01/08 million Autonomy reports $70m deal with global bank 03./01/08 million Jacada names Paul O'Callaghan CEO; Gideon Hollander chairman 03./01/08 million Bank Leumi roll gagging s out Fidelity Webbanking software... enlightens fort/ DIEBOLD G1-210 the electronic dense... Exon /EXXON 243 widths to move the gate cabinet Exon /EXXON 239 three buckets to move... the recommendation commodity present center >> to be good can /CANON JX200spurt the ink facsimile machine member preferential benefit price: $,820 however huge mythical birds WJD-R3316B half intelligence member preferential benefit price: $,590 Huipu/Laserjet... " Diebold the XFS service" source code level deep.... NC copperfield R Shuffle algorithm principle 6000 series correlation data Simens ATM summary NCR the ATM wrong code to enlighten the fort common breakdown code handbook common breakdown equipment performance to install the notice use notice ATM deposit whether needs to verify the password? NCROS... [ ] Hong Kong Island area only 11 double gates flowing tubing head pressure Diebold schindler 2007-11-29 1/278 2007-11-30 06:55 by ChickenTong [ ] Chinese rich (1) village antique Toshiba 12 schindler 2007-11-22 11/946 2007-11-28 21:49 by OTIS401 [ good heterogeneity ] Chinese rich(2)... at present the domestic ATM market to be in the acceleration substitution import in the process, beforehand domestic market mainly by the overseas product primarily, NCR, Diebold , and WincorNixdorf is main supplier,2,006 year Guang Dianyun passes obtains market share third,2,00 anonymous 7 year Guang Dianyun to pass has the possibility to obtain the second result very much. At present the Bank of China and the agricultural bank already massively used domestically produced... Corporation to be possible to provide ATM automatic fitting , ATM for a long time and so on NCR, DIEBOLD , WINCOR-NIXDORF entire serviceand so on machine, the ATM maintenance, ATM fitting service, technicalconsultation and personnel training, was interested the customer to bepossible to relate with the our company. Present stage special price fitting detailed list newly arrived original installation brand-new NCR ATM automatic leather belt ATM special price fitting sale --... newest whole world electron payment information. Contains the news and the commentary, the research and the report information, the product and the market tendency. 2006 year, the companyin domestic ATM market is 16.45%, is only inferior to foreign capital established brand crack force NCR and Diebold . 4th, the company future substantial room for growth will continue to obtain the strut. The company at present domestic customer for besides the industry and commerce bank overwhelming majority bank, future further will expand the construction bank order form even to open the industryand commerce bank the order form; Along with company ATM sales...

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