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Liu Zipeng positively to defend on January 06, 2008 23:03 Xinhua News Agency [ to move towards 2008. quick news ] (19) thehandball dd invitational tournament: Jiangsu victory Guangdong on January 6, Guangdong team player Liu Zipeng (center) defends Jiangsu team player Zhang Zhiyu in the competition. Sameday, in "lucky Beijing" 2,008 handballs invitational tournaments man group... month, positively runs through the city youth association , the city fourth professional specialized middle school and the Yangchow steed rise the technical company "the connecting rod". Cooperation agreement achieves which according to both sides, practice.. Recent years, the group municipal party committee got employed in the service youth starts an undertaking the aspect positively to explore the new road, established the city youth association, cleared the Anyang youth to start an undertaking the net and the youth starts an undertaking the consultation hot line... positive strategy is helpful the company to dodge the regulative risk, will continue to recommend "buys up" the beginning enable the profession in 2005 profession regulation to obtain the enhancement, because standard profession management, by Wan Kewei in representative's profession the large-scale company has obtained the bigger developmentspace. At the same time, Wan Keye used the profession regulationopportunity to grow strong oneself. Under the regulative environment, how ten thousand branches... may everybody to have positive to the work how to be able to enhance own study positive ? How causes oneself to enlarge positive ? How can mention the study positive ? In gymnasium how.. How may exercise positive ? Ye Luo? the illusion human spirit 4 repl ied 2 solutions time 2008-01-06 08:47 I comment satisfaction answer positively to develop with explore own...

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