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Yichang Three Gorges used car transaction market,the Yichang second-hand vehicle net, welcome the Yichang second-hand vehicle profession the operator to come this net free issue second-hand vehicle business, the transaction to appraise, transfers title of ownership transfers the nationality, the year examines gets the mahjong piece one needs, the vehicles selling on consignment , the vehicles newspaper stops, handles each kind of old vehicle transaction, and stipulates according to the country according to the old vehicle special-purpose receipt! ... The selling on consignment information 1 to sell 149 levels of strength bodies knight account number to lead 112 levels of knights 50 levels of comedian clowns not to have the material to need to send the facsimile only to sell XR2000W or the equal in value time telecommunication 1 area sellsXG9 10 evil spirits 188 levels of comedian clowns weapons 4500RMB to have adds QQ251984820 to sell telecommunication three 5EXB! 50/E! (Strength body number) [ 200... selling on consignment transaction > legendary world/47 areas Jinmen to fall dragon/Jinmen to fall the dragon > the commodity information selling on consignment quality legend world silver piece, in thegame the transaction 1,000 866 Yuan 1,000 goods... selling on consignment quality legend world silver piece, in the game the transaction 1,000 866 Yuan 1,000 silver pieces =866 Yuan, my transaction Fei Yao quickly rushes to leathery purchase oh! ! Delivers goods to the doorstep internet bar... to invest three: Makes present selling on consignment business at holidays time, many others face the present which a big pile of relative friend delivers to worry. Last year, saw the elder sister to eat to many bags of children.. Looks this scene, I unable to restrain to think, if has a place to purchase this thing this to be good, the name calls "the present selling on consignment shop". Opens such shop, invests is not big, but repays in a big way. ... The this corporate business scope with the city two automobiles: Purchases each kind of two vehicles, two manual regulations vehicles, the vehicles transfer title of ownership, transfer the nationality; The sale, the selling on consignment and so on, provide visits the appraisal to examine Che Liu Mr. to remind: The ultra low price vehicle possibly has the transaction trap, the user wants own to distinguish arrives at , the robber snatches the vehicle as well as the major accident "tidies up" the vehicle. Relation: The direct short note relation (Shanghai moves the whole world to pass... pollster the Zhejiang to sell onconsignment the line unexpectedly to lend money at high interest the automobile to rent into suffers injury the victimized persons An Feishi adverse current but on to rent a car compared to buys the vehicle happily to look rents a car six is big advantage automobiles to rent: Aims at 26000000 "the notebook race".. the multi- friendships connection silver to construct the group silver to construct the steam to sell the silver to construct the drugs manufacture silver to construct the outpatient service silver organic clothes silver founding of the nation travel silver to construct the stock silver to construct advertisement... this center the customer request,long seeks buys each kind of two automobiles, the free appraisal, and charge d'affaires transfers title of ownership, the insurance, the year examines, vehicles information search and so on selling on consignment : Sales type: Type: Brand model: Recommends second-hand vehicle more networks solid: The Zhejiang Ningbo second-hand vehicle, the Zhejiang Ningbo two automobiles, the Zhejiang two automobiles transactions network, the Jiangsu second-hand vehicle net, the Ningbo all things reach... the toenter the temple fair, selects the card selling on consignment , the spot card purchase. Left sideis the temple fair announced that, the content clicked on the knife sword temple fair for the help and the matters needing attention to appear the temple fair button, below has three options is "the recommendation" "the goods frame" "the complimentary gift" a goods contact surface increased the stage prop classification function as follows, the effect: Four classifications respectively is: Strong - strengthens the stage prop to install - equips the stage prop auxiliary -...

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